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Clean Carpet for 8 to 12 months . . . not
8 to 12 weeks.
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People are talking about
Happy Feet:

Sammy has always been very prompt
with his services and fair on his pricing.
Our maintenance supervisory has even
stated that Sammy performs miracles
on the carpets in the rental units,
cleaning what appeared to be the
unsalvageable. Sammy goes the
extra mile on the jobs he has done
for us in that if he comes across
something that needs to be fixed,
he will take steps to fix it while there
so he doesn’t create another trip
charge. We could not be more
satisfied with all that Sammy
does for our companies and
all the services he offers.”

Bill Spurrier
Broker in Charge
Piedmont Realty Associates

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning…
You will be thrilled with our service and value

Happy Feet Cleaning is well versed in the daunting task of cleaning a new home – inside and out – and making it suitable for new owners. On your next new home purchase, you can ease this transition by letting Happy Feet Cleaning make your home purchase a Happy one.

By focusing on three simple things. Happy Feet Cleaning delivers clean homes to buyers, and peace of mind to sellers and agents.

Attention to detail
We have many years experience paying close attention to all the little details your buyers pay close attention to. We make sure that your listings pass those buyers' close inspections.

We tackle the "Time Wasters"
We find that many homes have irritating problems such as broken or wrong color light switch covers, broken door stops, burned out refrigerator or range hood bulbs, broken or mismatched door knobs, broken, missing or mismatched cabinetry hardware, etc. Handling these annoying details allows you to be out in the field getting more of your own clients.

We are good communicators
Because we know the condition you want your listings to be in, we can call you from your properties and be your eyes on site. Together we can decide how much time and effort to put into a particular cleaning or upgrade.

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Pressure washing